What are the best jobs for 18 year olds in India?

Published: 31st January 2012
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As the Indian economy booms while many markets all over the world are in a slump, young Indians are perhaps better placed than their counterparts elsewhere in the world to procure high paying jobs at a very early stage in their career. Even 18 year olds stepping out into the corporate world for the first time have immense opportunities that are available according to their interests and skill levels. Before we get into specific job opportunities it is important to analyse what the seeker's priorities are:

1) Is the job aimed towards fulfilling short-term income requirements?
2) Is the job aimed towards gaining skills for a future long-term career?

With these questions in mind let us continue our search for the sort of employment that will suit us the best. Traditionally, the first priority of Indians has been to seek security and stability in employment and that has always come through government jobs. Government jobs like public sector bank jobs, employment in the Indian Railways, air India, Indian administrative services, Police services, Armed Forces, Revenue services, and other departments in the government like the electricity board, water board, LIC, tax department, and numerous others are available, but nowadays these jobs have become extremely difficult to get. The government has to limit the availability of jobs for normal citizens so that it can improve and establish equal opportunities for minorities like scheduled castes and tribes, women, differently-abled people, sports persons etc. Therefore, the process for recruitment into such jobs has become extremely competitive and rigorous.

For short-term high paying jobs, the most common are:

BPO'S OR BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING CENTRES -- in all the IT hubs of India, especially Bangalore, young Indians are finding work at BPO's that pay extremely well mostly because this work is outsourced from countries like the United States of America and the payment is made in foreign currencies. However, the work is in shift systems and many a time one is forced to work during the night, which can, over a period of time takes a heavy toll on the metabolism and health of the body.
TELEMARKETING -- this is another profitable job that one can do from sitting in an air-conditioned room, just wearing a pair of headphones or microphones. The problem with this job is real success is difficult because most customers tend to think of telemarketers as a nuisance.
CALL CENTRES -- call centres are numerous all over India today as many companies take their service departments very seriously and wished to provide their customers with 24 X 7 support. Such jobs also are shift based.
DATA PROCESSING CENTRES -- if one has a flair for computers and very fast fingers to type at high speeds this may be the job for you.
SALES REPRESENTATIVES -- marketing and sales have always been an important part of business and if one is especially skilled at enticing and talking a prospective customer into buying a product that they may or may not require, this is definitely the job for you!
ENTRY-LEVEL HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT POSITIONS -- if one is interested in improving and optimising the human resources of a company, then this may be a good entry-level position, and also may provide opportunities for self-improvement and higher education like pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree etc.
INSURANCE AGENTS -- this can also be a lucrative bank job, but one must take into account that one may lose a few friends and relatives if one goes around asking everyone to take an insurance policy!
MEDICAL/PHARMACEUTICAL REPRESENTATIVES -- if you enjoy travelling and staying on the move this can be a very interesting and high paying job.
MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION -- this is another job made available because of outsourcing and with training it can be highly productive.

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